41 Weird and Wonderful Reasons We Love Metal Gear

From IGN - July 15, 2017
By Chloi Rad

UPDATE 7/13/2017:Happy birthday, Metal Gear! To celebrate the Metal Gear franchise turning 30 today, we are re-publishing this feature on some of our favorite moments from the entire series. Do not forget to share your own fond Metal Gear memories with us in the comments!

There are tons of reasons to love Metal Gear Solid, but high up on our list is its unique brand of strange. From the earliest adventures of Big Boss to the tactical escapades of Solid Snake, Hideo Kojima has given us a story that is comic, fourth-wall breaking, at times surreal, and almost always over-the-top, even when it verges into some pretty dark territory.

These are in no particular order and include lots, and lots of spoilers...

1. Letting The End die of old age by either letting a week pass mid-fight or changing your console's system clock.

2. Psycho Mantis reading your memory card and pretending to change the channel on your TV.

3. The Colonel's "I need scissors! 61" freakout.

4. Liquid Ocelot using Sons of the Patriots to disable everyone's firearms.

5. Metal Gear Solid 4's loading screen tips. "Avoid playing when you are tired!"

6. Fission Mailed.

7. Johnny Sasaki's recurring and embarrassing shenanigans in the first two games.

8. Johnny literally crapping himself during a mission in Metal Gear Solid 4.

9.Naked Raiden.

10. Using the picture of the girl in the locker to embarrass Otacon during the Tanker mission.

11. Psycho Mantis failing to read your memory card or move the Sixaxis controller after the Screaming Mantis boss fight.

12. That ladder scene in Metal Gear Solid 3...

13. Campbell, Mei Ling, and Naomi making fun of you while fighting the Hind D if your sound settings are not set to stereo.

14. Ocelot's weird ocelot sound.

15. The Ape Escape mini-game in Subsistence.

16. Using ketchup to escape from a prison cell.

17. Fatman and his rollerskates.

18. Naked Snake wearing the weird Raikov mask.

19. The fact that The Pain shoots bees at you.

20. The Sorrow's creepy ghost river.

21. Snake crawling through amicrowave tunnel.


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