Will Next Gen Consoles Cross the $499 Mark?

Will Next Gen Consoles Cross the $499 Mark?
From N4G - July 25, 2017
_-EDMIX-_15h ago

@Lenn-"I never said completely future proof."Ok...but you stated it nonetheless.


Just word what you are talking about better. Future proof legit means "unlikely to become obsolete". That has been proven over and over and over and OVER again that it ca not work with consoles and even PC.

When I used to build PC's for a living, do you know how many times I'd get an email or call about a um "future proof" gaming PC?Someone legit asked me if they could spend $5k or more on a PC and not buy one until PS5 etc.

(this was in 2005 mind you)

I told that man NO!That is not how ANY of this works.You ca not "future proof" a console or gaming PC.

1 of the biggest reasons is tech moves too fast. You could have the best ram loaded in 2005, your ram is now actually slower then a newer model released in 2006, you could load MORE to balance that out.....ok, but the new games released will only support a certain GPU model ie many do not support DX before a certain version.

Too much get dated to really do that, its why the term is not simply a degree of, its legit "unlikely to become obsolete".

Not "supported for a long time"

PS3 and 360 got supported for a long time, are those "future proof"?

So when you say "As in trying to make one console last 7-8 years" PS3 works today, what is your point?

So my PS4 wo not last or?



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