Overwatch League Reveals Minimum Player Salaries

From IGN - July 27, 2017
By Tom Marks

Blizzard has announced the first details about pro player salaries and benefits for the upcoming Overwatch League, revealing that each player will earn a minimum of $50,000 per year.

Teams will be required to sign players to a one-year contract, which can be extended to two-years if they choose. In addition to the minimum salary, teams must also provide their players with health insurance, a retirement savings plan, and housing and practice facilities during the season.

On top of that, at least 50 percent of bonuses earned from winning events must go directly to the players. The bonus pool for all events in season one is $3.5 million, with at least $1 million of that going to the championship team alone.

For a team with only six players (a roster can have up to 12 to account for subs), thats at least another $83,000 per player for winning season one.


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