Advertisement raises $9.8M to make eSports spectating less passive raises $9.8M to make eSports spectating less passive
From TechCrunch - August 23, 2017

Twitch and YouTube Gaming have reigned supreme in the eSports viewing space, but the services have struggled to find ways to make the action of watching other people play video games into a more interactive experience. is bringing 360-degree views to traditional 2D eSports PC content via their patented technologies which gives viewers courtside seats to the match, allowing them to change their perspectives and determine where they want to direct their attention.

The team of 16 has been hard at work after signing onto streaming a package of 14 eSports tournaments. One of the latest tournaments they covered brought 340k viewers onto their network across supported platforms on mobile, PC and virtual reality.

Today, announced that it has closed a $9.8 million Series A round of funding led by Danhua Capitalalong with Heuristic Capital Partners and ZP Capital. DCM, Sierra Ventures, The VR Fund, Samsung Next Fund and Sony Innovation Fund also got in on the round.

The company really transforms the way viewers watch eSports, allowing them to jump between 360-degree camera locations placed inside game maps so they can observe battles as a third-party spectator position rather than just from a players point-of-view. Its a totally different experience and one theyre constantly shaping with more interactive methods of camera-switching during live eSports events.


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