Overwatch Season 6 Changes Detailed

From IGN - August 23, 2017
By Tom Marks

Blizzard released a new Overwatch Developer Update with Game Director Jeff Kaplan detailing all the changes for its upcoming sixth competitive season.

You can watch the full update here:

The biggest change is that this season will only be two months long instead of the usual three. Kaplan said that engagement is a lot higher at the beginning of the season, and they wanted to make that early season excitement more frequent.

End of season rewards will be reduced to balance for the fact that players will be getting them more often, but Kaplan said the overall amount should be roughly the same over the course of a year. Youll also start earning more points for each win in season 6.

Another large change is that Control maps will be reduced from a best-of-five to a best-of-three, similar to how it is in Quick Play. Kaplan said Control matches could often go way too long, and this change should make games quicker and less punishing to lose.


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