Final Fantasy XV Director Discusses What's Next

From IGN - September 1, 2017
By Andrew Goldfarb

The Final Fantasy XV team has been busy. After a long development cycle, XV finally launched late last year and was followed by DLC episodes focusing on Gladio and Prompto, with one focused on Ignis still to come later this year, as well as a new multiplayer modeand VR experience.

Thats on top of various updatesand collaborations that have been announced along the way. More recently, Square Enix announced PC and mobile versions of XV, and the team is hinting at a Switch version that could be coming soon as well.

With all of that in mind, we spoke to director Hajime Tabata to ask if theres anything else hed still like to add to FFXV, or if the team is ready to move on to something new.

Thats a very important question, Tabata told IGN. Episode Ignis does mark a certain milestone in development for the game. But from then, we really want to engage with the community and find out what the content is that they absolutely have to see, they really want to see in the game. If there is that call for it, these people really do want to see a certain piece of content realized and added to the game, I very much would like to try and see if we can make that reality.

For Tabata personally, hed potentially like to see the stories of Ardyn and Luna fleshed out with new content, something he's alsohinted at in the past.

I think certainly considering them as incredibly key characters to the story and as personalities, characters who stick up for themselves, thats something Id really like to show. That also fits in very well with the results of the survey that we took where thats what most people want to see too, he said.


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