The Creator of Rez: Infinite On The Future Of Virtual Reality & The Entertainment Industry

From N4G - September 4, 2017
OoglyBoogly1h ago

Oh great, here comes a bunch of comments by people who do not own VR about how much VR sucks and how dead it is and how it's just a fad. Calling it before it happens!

Anyways, I see VR as the future. While I do not think it will take over 2D screens, at least not for a long while, it's definitely amazing and the tech will only get better and cheaper. Look at cellphones 5 years ago...

I know that since getting my Oculus a few months ago I still play at least an hour or two a day. I just find it so fascinating. Not just the games but the experiences, watching 3D movies and playing normal games on virtual massive screens, Google Maps in VR is awesome. It just goes on and on and there's new stuff coming all the time.

Just a matter of time I say...


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