Madden NFL 18 Review Solid but a bit Overambitious | GameCloud

Madden NFL 18 Review  Solid but a bit Overambitious | GameCloud
From N4G - September 4, 2017

Madden NFL 18 ReviewSolid but a bit Overambitious | GameCloud

Blade Shaw at GameCloud writes: "Fundamentally, Madden NFL 18 is as polished and fantastic to play as ever. If youre a big NFL fan and play every year, its a no brainer. Whats most interesting about this particular instalment, however, is Longshotthe series first ever story mode. While I dont think Madden manages to fully realise this concept out of the gate, its still impressive for a first shot despite being a bit bare on content and with barriers to entry to overcome. I just hope that for Madden NFL 19 the story and development team take the core of this experience to the drawing board and expand on the great foundation theyve laid. As these games also turn into more exceptional cinematic experiences, its important for them to be able to empower players to live out their fantasies through imagination and story. At their very best, sports are both realised and imagined as the peak of human physical achievement and prowess, and its important for these games to convey that feeling and emotion to its players and place them (however fantastical) in those positions."


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