South Park: The Fractured But Whole Mixes Fixes and Farts

From IGN - September 7, 2017
By Ryan McCaffrey

Yes, South Park: The Fractured But Whole cleverly ties into the events of 2014s fantastic RPG The Stick of Truth. Sadly, Ubisoft has asked media not to talk about just how that happens. The game is also, like its predecessor, packed full of obscure references to past episodes of the TV show. And, yes, its got hilarious, envelope-pushing jokesones that are best left unspoiled. Well, except for a few of them. See the video below.

What I can and will tell you about is, well, everything else. I played the first four hours of The Fractured But Wholeit still makes me chuckle every time I say it out loudand it is a sequel in every sense of the word, but thats a good thing in this case.

That is to say, it seems to take everything The Stick of Truth did wellnamely, making you feel like you were playing a 12-hour version the brilliant two-decade-old Matt Stone and Trey Parker-scripted animated seriesand fix the areas that needed improving. Those areas are, primarily, the combat system and the class system.

In The Fractured But Whole, whose premise involves the kids of South Park Elementary pretending to be Marvel-vs.-DC-style dueling superhero cinematic universes, the Paper Mario-style turn-based combat has been given added depth, primarily in the form of a grid system that governs both movement and attacks during battle. The tutorials do a good job of walking you through the finer points without feeling overwhelmingno doubt with an eye towards catering to The Stick of Truth players who are otherwise not RPG die-hardsand they dont drag on overly long. The fact that Im currently playing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, another turn-based strategy offering, no doubt helped make my transition even easier.


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