Destiny 2 Review in Progress - Updated and Scored

Destiny 2 Review in Progress - Updated and Scored
From IGN - September 7, 2017
By Destin Legarie

After a solid day and a half of Destiny 2 and streaming an unhealthy amount, Ive now beaten the campaign and dipped a toe into the endgame content. Heres what Ive learned so far.

Thankfully, I think we can put the story memes to rest. In Destiny 2, this series finally has a campaign worth celebrating. Even though it stumbles with an abruptly ended character arc, it still hits all the high notes it needs to and left me feeling satisfied. Artistically, there are moments that stopped me dead in my tracks. Not since Mass Effect 2s Shadow Broker DLC have I stopped in the middle of a fire fight to admire the world I had been placed in. Sitting next to the sun while fighting a drill the size of a skyscraper makes it feel like the task at hand is larger than life by flooding the screen with color and spectacle.

Given how great they look, its a shame there is no way to choose which of Destiny 2s story missions you would like to re-experience like you can in Destiny. Instead, youre given Meditations that allow you to replay one of three pre-selected campaign missions at a higher Light level, but none of them are among my favorites, such as the final few levels which were a special treat from a gameplay and visual perspective.

Another surprising misstep mechanically (which you can add to the baffling withholding of Sparrows) was a final boss fight that really turned out to be a letdown. After 10 hours of buildup, the final encounter fizzled out when, due to super ability restrictions, I had to resort to finding a safe spot and shooting the ultimate enemy in the foot until he died. It seems as though the encounter was meant for projectile supers, but without knowing that going in I hadnt yet earned one that could do effective damage until after the campaign had ended. It was especially odd because Bungie has shown that its designers know how to make Strikes interesting from a mechanic perspective in Destiny 2, and their ability to craft superb boss battles in Destinys Raids made the boss portion of the ending a surprising disappointment in what was otherwise a fantastic run.

After the campaign ends you can still experience some new story events via Quests you can play on each location in Destiny 2. These not only flesh out the new characters weve met in those places, but do a good job of showing you new spots you may have missed and fun encounters youll have fun playing with a Fireteam. They also end with big rewards like exotic quests and coveted legendaries, making them a great way to continue your climb to max Light. Im hoping that they add on to these with more quests, either daily or weekly, as some left me wanting more in a way thatd turn from eager anticipation to bitterness if its not delivered reasonably soon. I certainly hope this wont be the last we hear from my favorite new character, Failsafe.

Ive just hit level 258 at the time of this writing and Im waiting to complete Nightfall, which is basically a raid-level activity that promises big rewards that could push me to the next level. (Updates on that later.) The Strikes have thus far satisfied my hunger for more story and sweet loot, but beyond that Im left looking to the Destiny subreddit and asking whats next in terms of PVE content? If Destiny 2 has a lot of additional things to do, it hasnt made those clear yet, and thats concerning.

The new subclasses are fun to play as because they mix the visual spectacle with new storyline and interesting enemies to fight. I found myself trying out each to get a feel for how each plays and finding that I can still move the way Im accustomed to while getting unique benefits for each. Its all about how you want to support your team. Do you want to protect them? Go bubble Titan. Need a projectile? Each character offers something for you. You simply need to spec into them, but the mastery comes in how youll work as a team for something like the Nightfall. Once in the Nightfall (and presumably the Raid) your weapon, super, and strategies become paramount.

Enemies have changed up their tactics making for interesting encounters that may make them feel like bullet sponges when youre underpowered, but after youve been put to the test in an event like the Nightfall their different strategies shine. Hitting their shields with the correct damage type is absolutely necessary to survival, as is prioritizing targets. Arriving in a room, shooting the red barrels to take out a large group of enemies, and then moving on to the next most important target as a group based solely off of that enemy's strategy has to be one of my favorite parts of Destiny 2. And so far, it looks like the days of awakening the Hive are thankfully in the past.



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