How an Emergency Fix Saved Rocket League's Servers

From IGN - September 8, 2017
By Evan Campbell

Rocket League developer Psyonix Studios was caught off guard by the games early success. And that popularity put quite a strain on the servers, according to design director Corey Davis.

On the second episode of IGN Expert Mode, Davis revealed there was a surprising solution to keeping the servers up for Rocket League at launch.

I dont remember all of the technical details, but my bosss wife would have to stay up overnight and press a button every hour to reset the servers, he said. It makes no sense in retrospect, like you cant automate this?

But for some reason she had to wake up on an interval like all night. Because the guys would work all day and then they would sleep. So she would take the night shift of like keeping the servers alive somehow.

Rocket League saw over 5 million downloads in the games first three weeks. So the process of fixing the servers wasnt easy, Davis explained.


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