Gearbox: Next Duke Nukem Needs a 'New Design Paradigm'

From IGN - September 13, 2017
By Alex Osborn

The key to getting the next Duke Nukem game right does not start with story, but rather an innovative design that brings something new to video games, according to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford.

"The solution for the next Duke game is not just about story,"Pitchford said on the latest episode ofour monthly interview showIGN Unfiltered. "We can all dream up a story," he added, acknowledging that "playing with that is going to be a necessity" for any Duke game with a narrative. However, Pitchford believes the "true answer" for the next Duke game is that "there has to be something from a design point of view first."

He elaborated, noting "Duke 3D worked, not only because of the characterthe reason why we all loved the game was because of the gameplay, and some of the innovations that were in the gameplay." Since those innovations are not innovative concepts anymore, Pitchford explained that "you cannot trade on that today," as "Duke Forever tried and demonstrated what that result is." So, according to Pitchford, "we are going to need a new design paradigm. Something that we have not seen before."

The Gearbox exec then broke down the core pillars of a game. "A video game is all of story, style and design, where story is the premise, it's the characterswho, what, why, where and when," he explained. Meanwhile, "style is the look and the feelit's the art direction, it's the audio direction, it's how it reads basically as a style." And finally, there's design, which Pitchford described as the "gameplaythat's the camera, that's the control, that's the input, that's the feedback, and it's the genre. It's all of that."


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