Overwatch: Jeff Kaplan Talks Hero 26

From IGN - September 15, 2017
By Jordan Oloman

Overwatch's next hero is "very playable" but "not coming out as soon as you think", says game director Jeff Kaplan.

Referring only to the character as "Hero 26" during his interview on IGN's new Expert Mode show, Kaplan explained that:

"Hero 26 is very playable and very fun internally, and that's all I will say. It's not coming out as soon as you think [...] but Hero 26 is already amazing."

Explaining Blizzard's thinking about adding new characters, he said:"I do not think there's such a thing as too many heroes, but I think we also need to come out with heroes at a good pace."

This week's Expert Mode (above) details the rise of Overwatch from the cancelled 'Titan' MMO project to becoming IGN's Game of the Year.

In between playing and discussing the current Overwatch meta with IGN's James Duggan, Kaplan found time to talk about its future. Alongside Hero 26, Kaplan wants to think more widely about how to create things within the Overwatch universe:


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