Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid Full Walkthrough

From IGN - September 16, 2017

Leviathan is the first Raid activity released for Destiny 2. It boasts a recommended Power Level of 270 and will reward players with Luminous Engrams and experience.

Taking place on the Cabal Emperor Calus's World-Eater ship, players must traverse a series of complex challenges and difficult battles in order to defeat this meanace to anyone living under The Traveler's light.

EditRecommended Gear

The Leviathan Raid is going to be your greatest challenge thus far in Destiny 2. You will want to have a Power Rating of at least 270 - you can theoretically participate at a lower level, but you may find it far more difficult. We also recommend bringing some of the following gear, should you have it available:

Keep in mind that you will want to prepare a varied arsenal, as some of the challenges may require you to swap out your equipment loadout.

EditLeviathan Walkthrough

The Leviathan Raid begins on the Embankment of Callus's ship. You will find yourself traveling down platforms flanked by rows of Cabal Legionaries - you do not have to engage with these enemies, and they will not attack unless provoked.

Climb the ramps to the top of the embankment's entryway, then use the launchers to proceed to the large doorway at the top of the Embankment and make your way through the winding halls into the Castellum.

EditThe Castellum: Standard Bearers Challenge

Upon entering the Castellum you will encounter your first batch of hostile enemies. Dispose of them if you wish, but they will only be replaced by more soldiers.

This area has your first group challenge - as you enter the Castellum, head around the left side of the large central structure and up the steps towards the locked door. You will notice a seal on the floor near the door that has a transluscent sun insignia floating above it.

When you first reach the seal, you will see one of three symbols replace the sun insignia. Each floating icon corresponds to a banner that must be claimed from a nearby spawn. The best way to accomplish this challenge is to split into two teams, either 3 & 3 or 2 & 4.

One of the teams should remain at the seal and one should work to claim the banners as quickly as possible. The "away" team must make their way to the indicated spawn point, at one of the following locations:

Once the first banner is identified, the collecting Guardians should head to that location and proceed to kill enemies until an elite Standard Bearer appears. When this enemy has been defeated, one Guardian may claim the banner and the team should escort them back to the seal to set it in place.

The "base" team, those Guardians who remain at the seal to defend it, must then prevent Standard Liberators from reclaiming the banners. In order to break their impenetrable shield, however, you must identify and eliminate the Councilor who spawns alongside the Liberatior.

Retrieve and place all three banners to complete the challenge, unlock the door and move on. In the exit hall you will find your first Raid Chest.

EditThe Royal Pools

This next chamber is divided into two sections - one right as you enter with two platforms on either side of the central pathway with large winches in them, and another up a short flight of stairs that opens into a large pool full of viscous liquid with a platform in the center and two more pools with winches on either side of that.

Each of the four pools has a platform with a glowing orb on it, with one in the center of the middle pool as well. Between the six members of your fire team, youll need to ensure that the four platforms in the side pools consistently have someone standing on them. When the four platforms are simultaneously occupied, the event will begin and enemies will begin to spawn, including several Royal Bathers who arrive from below the winch chains. These enemies are similar to the Cabal Gladiators, but with substantially more health.

Its recommended that you develop a rotational pattern whereby two Guardians are always roaming the area dealing with enemies and replacing players whose buffs are about to expire. After ~ two to three minutes, three sets of three large lanterns will descend into the main pool chamber.

Stand on the platform and fire at them with everything youve got to destroy them before they rescind into the ceiling and force you to restart the event. Destroy all nine lanterns to complete the challenge, claim your rewards and proceed to the next area.

EditThe Castellum (Return)

After completing the challenge in the Royal Pools, return to the Castellum to find the door you need to access in the back-right corner of the area.

EditPleasure Gardens

EditThe Castellum (3)

EditThe Gauntlet

EditThe Castellum

EditFinal Boss: Emperor Calus


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