Shin Megami Tenseis New Game On Switch Will Get More Info On October 23, 2017

Shin Megami Tenseis New Game On Switch Will Get More Info On October 23, 2017
From N4G - September 25, 2017
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Soul- yes Digital Devil Summoner is but Persona does not even use that title of shin Megami tensei Persona any longer based on likely confusion and It's actually irrelevant to the other shin Megami tensei games I believe all of it is semantics and actually pretty damn irrelevant.

I think going forward the only thing you are going to see titled shin Megami tensei actually is the main games of that name

Persona 5 on the actual box art does not say shin Megami tensei it simply says Persona 5.

So consider when somebody saying a shin Megami tensei title they are talking about the ones that literally just say shin Megami tensei followed by a number....

I do not know how anyone would call Persona 5, shin Megami tensei :Persona 5 when the people who made the game are not even calling it that.

I mean I think it's cute that some people know that and want to show off that they know this information but that's all pretty irrelevant to most users I own almost every one of the games and multiple series from devil Summoner to Digital Devil Saga to Persona to the mainline shin Megami tensei games and I do not simply call them all one thing...

To me they are all different series regardless of what they are trying to subtitle it as cuz they have nothing to do with each other.

That would be like throwing the title of Nintendo over all the games they publish as if they all have some sort of connection or they are all 1 series or something.

So I think we could consider shin Megami tensei is 1 series , it is not multiple because the people who make the game are not even seeing Persona as part of that series anymore. (If it ever really was besides name alone)

I think they simply added shin Megami tensei to Persona because they thought it would help the game sell more and it's now become more popular than the mainline series. Atlus was a small developer back then.

Not even though official website shows anything about shin Megami tensei as a subtitle or anything like that. It was likely to boost the sales of persona and Digital Devil Saga likely because the publisher believed marketing it this way would help boost sales.

@Summ-the Elder Scrolls is a specific series all of the games from Morrowind Oblivion Daggerfall Skyrim would have you are still part of the same universe and with the same characteristics.

The official website does not show shin Megami tensei because that's no longer a title used for persona.

I own Persona 5 and nowhere on the packaging on Persona 5 does it actually say shin Megami tensei that has been removed long ago.


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