Are Multiplayer FPS Games Genetically Repetitive?

Are Multiplayer FPS Games Genetically Repetitive?
From N4G - September 25, 2017
-Foxtrot8d ago

Not really...lets say you have 2 players.

Player 1 has Overwatch
Player 2 has Elder Scrolls Skyrim

They both player their games continuously for 8 hours straight. Maybe theys**t themselves...who knows.

Player 1 will have experienced everything Overwatch has to offer, most likely 2-4 hours in. All the modes, got all the Arcade loot boxes for that week, played the training room to test each character, been on all the maps etc. He's played a good handful of matches.

Player 2 will have probably spent the first good hour alone on the character customization. If not he would have gotten out of the cave and wandered around for a few hours to explore the world and most likely either done a side quest or two.

Overwatch in this example looks more repetitive. Now I guess it's about the genre of the game but even if it was something like Uncharted 4 you'd still have the multiplayer and the single player, the latter being something you will go on again either on a harder mode or to find the collectibles.


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