Has Destiny Finally Killed the Halo Series?

Has Destiny Finally Killed the Halo Series?
From N4G - September 26, 2017
zerocarnage1h ago

Halo is not dead as a franchise it just needs to evolve and it can do into a fair amount of genres. Halo wars is still a very successful RTS though I think the fps has sinked somewhat.

To say Destiny has pretty much killed halo though is a very blinded statement to make. Destiny I would call brilliant. I have certainly learnt to not trust either Activision and bunjie after I felt so ripped off by the game in many ways as well as how they showed how inexperienced they are.

The problem with halo as an fps it now needs to bring a game out every five years or so.

Halo as an mmorpg could succeed whether its a third or first person could work very well, Halo has God knows how many games that have deep history and lore in that can easily aid the development and evolvment of halo into a fully fledged mmorpg. Halo is the type of game that can evolve and find success, because many will take notice because of its brand name that's been built up.

If ms thought about it and chose to develop halo into something much more than just a typical shooting fps then they could see success again.

Where as I have only enjoyed the halo wars franchise and have not halo fps, I would however go wild for an Halo mmorpg. You only have to see anthem and the hype that has generated for that game. Mmorpg's usually are the fantasy type, it's rare to see the sci-fi mmorpg's done to the extent like what guild wars,wow, rift, final fantasy online, psu.

I think ms still have a few cards to play to bring the halo name back to the top, but will they play those cards and think of evolving Halo into what it should be now or needs to be that is the question.

But let's keep stupid thoughts of Destiny killed halo out. Halo had problems before the first Destiny came out and Destiny is not nothing to do with halo apart from one game shares an ex developer.

Besides in some months the community will start dieing again on destiny for a while because the games gone boring, people have completed most of what's available and they arnt releasing dlc fast enough and other games have been released.


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