Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2 – 'The Pact' Review

From IGN - October 4, 2017
By Ryan McCaffrey


What happened, Telltale? After a promising Season 2 premierewhich came on the back of a thoroughly entertaining first season that refreshingly flipped a number of Batman character conventions on their headsthe second episode of The Enemy Within falls flat. An uneventful storyline, surprisingly poor voice acting, and an ending that has no immediate payoff besides teasing a hopefully better episode 3 have stalled out what was a promising Batman adventure.

The Pact picks up right where The Enigma ended, with The Agencys Amanda Waller revealing to Batman that she knows his true identity. But where episode 1 shined with bringing many background characters to the forefront, this episode pushes almost all of those storylines aside in order to introduce a swath of Batmans Rogues Gallery to this version of Gotham City. Bane, Victor Fries, and Harley Quinn all have prominent roles here as Bruce Wayne is more or less forced by Waller to infiltrate the gang sans costume.


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