7 Ways To Earn Coins Fast in FIFA 18

From IGN - October 8, 2017

To accomplish anything of significance in FIFA Ultimate Team, you will need a heap of FIFA coins. The guide below aims to help boost your stash of coins quickly and efficiently.

EditStart Playing Squad Battles

This brand new mode offers great rewards for those looking to achieve success in FUT. In this mode, you have the chance to play real matches against various squads built by FIFA 18 community members. Playing harder squads will net even higher rewards. Additionally, playing on higher difficulties will grant larger bonuses. However, we suggest playing tougher teams on lower difficulties in order to get the most bang for your buck. Keep in mind that you can only battle 4 squads per day. Still, you can play against these squads as much as youd like. Also included in these squad battles are the Team of the Week challenges. With each new week, a featured team will be available to play against. This trial will grant greater rewards than usual, so it's worth investing in.

EditSquad Building Mini-games

This mode puts an interesting spin on the card building mechanic of FUT. In these challenges, the diversity of your roster will be tested. With some challenges timed and others not, you are tasked with constructing a squad within the requirements of the trial. Participate in these challenges, when available, to add to your coin stash.

EditUse the Web App

If this suggestion makes you cringe, we get it. However, if you are starving for coins, signing into the free app with your EA account will grant you daily bonuses. You can also use this feature to manage your squad while away from your system. Although it may not be ideal, this service offers the chance to give you the last handful of coins you need to make your next trade.

EditCoin Boosts

EditWeekend League

EditNo Fluff

EditPlay The Journey: Hunter Returns


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