How to Make Destiny 2 Even Better

From IGN - October 10, 2017
By IGN Staff

Destiny 2 launched in much better shape than the original game. It tells a much better story filled with interesting characters, features a really smart leveling curve, and adds a ton of quality of life improvements. Plus, a pretty dope Raid hit just a week after the game launched.

Still, there are ways that Bungie can make Destiny 2 even better. Here are some of our suggestions.

As of right now, Lost Sectors are little more than bland caves filled with a slew of random enemies and one single high-level boss. Itd be great if Bungie expanded these a bit and made them feel more like small, self-contained dungeons. Maybe some puzzles, a bit of story and lore, and differing atmospheres to incentivize exploring their depths.

Likewise, by the time youve hit level 20, youve probably grown used to doing the same Public Events a couple hundred times. Itd be great if Bungie tossed in a bunch of modifiers that added a layer of mystery and the unexpected to them.

By the time youre Raid-ready, theres little-to-no reason to complete standard Strikes. So it would be great if Bungie offered some incentives to go through them over and over again -- maybe Strike-exclusive Sparrows or Ships that you can only earn through completing them?


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