October 27 Is the Craziest Pop Culture Day This Year

From IGN - October 10, 2017
By Jonathon Dornbush

Update: One of the planned releases for October 27 has been delayed, as God Particle, the third installment in the Cloverfield universe, was delayed.

Still, October 27 remains an incredibly busy day of releases for games, TV, and movies. Read on for everything still set to debut that day.

With that announcement that Stranger Things second season has been moved up to October 27, the final Friday of that month has now become one of the most packed days in entertainment in recent memory.

But is that day going to remain so packed, or will one of the various movies, TV shows, and games set to launch that day budge in the battle for viewers and players hours? Below, we take a look at just how likely any of the days major releases are to move and make all of our choices just a bit easier.

Originally scheduled for a Halloween release, Netflix has moved up Stranger Things return to the Friday prior. Not only does this give those binging the shows second season an entire weekend to watch all nine episodes, but it also puts the show more in line with Netflixs traditional Friday release schedule.

How likely to move? Not likely at all. Netflix has shown little pattern of delaying shows after providing release dates in the past. Especially with such an anticipated return as that of last years breakout streaming hit, Netflix would likely not announce a firm debut date without confidence in the shows production schedule. Plus Netflix wants to make sure you have ample time to plan your new Halloween costumes.

Though a string of leaks indicated Origins existence months before its release, Ubisoft officially announced the latest Assassins Creed entry at E3 2017. The last mainline Assassins Creed released in 2015, with Ubisoft using the time since to re-examine the franchise. Featuring a new time period, lead assassin and more, Ubisoft debuted the game with a full E3 reveal, including an opportunity to play Origins on an Xbox One X.

How likely to move? Unlikely. Origins has clearly been in development long before its announcement, and Ubisoft executives have discussed long before the reveal that the company wasnt necessarily set on releasing the newest entry in 2017. Considering the firm release date and lack of delays in the franchises historyAssassins Creed Unity had a short, two week delay back in 2014barring any unexpected difficulties, Ubisofts staked claim on the date looks as firm as the chance that people will be assassinated in a game called Assassins Creed.

Announced at the start of this year, Super Mario Odyssey has been positioned as Nintendos marquee title for the holiday season on Nintendo Switch. Following the system and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds strong launch, Nintendo used its E3 spotlight to fully reveal what players can expect from Marios next major jump. But the Mario focus didnt end with the spotlightin addition to hands-on time at E3, Nintendo showed a lengthy gameplay demo during its Treehouse Live E3 stream.

How likely to move? Not likely, but Nintendo has never been afraid to delay a game. Nintendo pushed Breath of the Wild to ensure the game was ready, and has even announced a delay into 2018 for the Switchs paid online service. Even so, Nintendo has established a smart cadence of a major monthly, exclusive release on Switch, and Odyssey perfectly fits into that slot for October. Sure, November currently has no major announced release dates for the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo isnt directly competing with the days other major releases on its own system. Any delay would likely be made for the sake of Odysseys quality, not because October 27 is more crowded than a Toad family reunion. (I assume, I havent been invited to one yet myself.)


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