Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 4 Review

From IGN - October 10, 2017
By TJ Hafer

Talk about a rollercoaster ride: Following on the heels of the weakest Guardians episode of the season, Who Needs You is right up there with the first in contention for being the best so far. This introspective side adventure does almost nothing to advance the Stop the bad guys! plot, but taking a break from that obligation allowed Telltale to give us a snappy couple hours crammed with meaningful character moments, supplemented by just enough action to keep it from feeling like a soap opera.

Drax takes his turn at center stage this time around (though Im sure hed insist he has never been on a stage, as he is not an actor), but I was somewhat disappointed by the relative brevity of his flashback sequence. He gets a mere one scene with his deceased daughter, but its one of the most powerful and tear-jerking scenes in a Telltale game since the first season of The Walking Dead and contains the first moment in any series where I felt like letting the choice timer run out and saying nothing sent a far more powerful message than any of the other options I could have chosen.

At the same time, Episode 4 is still very much about Gamora and (depending on your earlier choices) Nebula, continuing and paying off their arc from the previous episode in a surprising and emotionally satisfying way. Its not always a given that all the little, So-and-so will remember this choices in a Telltale game are meaningfully vindicated in a single moment that really makes you feel like you did the right thing. Gamora and Nebulas interactions here did just that.


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