God of War Meets Shadow of the Colossus In Extinction

From IGN - October 20, 2017
By Tom Marks

At a glance, its easy to draw connections to Extinction from things like Shadow of the Colossus and Attack on Titan. You climb and kill giant ogres that are sieging cities hiding behind high but ineffective walls. But when I actually got my hands on its first few missions, Extinction played closer to games like God of War, with lightning fast, combo-filled combat thats surprisingly deep.

Each mission in Extinction puts you in charge of protecting a city from waves of demons, trying to save as many people and buildings as you can. While ogres may be the main course, there are also hordes of smaller enemies terrorizing citizens on a more personal level.

Its fighting these opponents where Extinctions combat mechanics really shined as I hopped between targets and strung moves together midair. Button mashing is cleverly discouraged by linking the timings of your attacks to different kinds of moves. A slight pause between presses will change your basic swing into an AOE attack, while a longer press will knock an enemy up into the air. This made combat feel engaging instead of mindless.

That stretches into Extinctions movement mechanics as well, which let me speed over rooftops and across its cities in a way thats much faster and more nuanced than parkour systems in games like Assassins Creed. You can move extremely fast, especially when taking advantage of its amazingly fun grappling hook, but you still have to move smart and cant just climb straight up walls for too long.

Figuring out how to get to your objective can be a challenge in itself, and certain levels in Extinction have explicitly designed jumping puzzles that test you in a different way than hacking at monsters does. There are combos to the movement too, like climbing up a wall as far as you can, hopping backwards off of it, then using a big slash attack to fling yourself just a little bit higher.


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