Sony Japan Teases "True: End of the Century RPG" for PS4 and PS Vita With Mysterious Trailer

From N4G - October 21, 2017
morganfell15h ago(Edited 15h ago)

This from my friend in Japan:

"Am pretty sure its related to the Metal Max / Metal Saga series which is basically a post apoc free roam JRPG. For the time it was fairly ground breaking in the sense that it left the adventure more open ended with where the player could explore. Series has been around since the NES days. Though recently its been on the DS / 3DS. Last time it was on a Sony console was during the PS2 era. After that they went and stayed with the Nintendo handheld platforms."

He followed up with this:

"Reason for thinking its part of the Metal Max / Metal Saga series is due to the hardpoints on not only the tank but the other odd vehicles shown in the teaser.

One of the features of the series too is the ability to customize the loadout of the vehicles you find or purchase in game with various weapons found or bought in the game.

A bit long but try to watch the JP trailer for the remake of Metal Max 2 on the 3ds. You will also see a red tank quite similar to the one shown in the teaser"


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