Wolfenstein 2's Big Opening Choice Explained

From IGN - October 28, 2017

The first action forced upon you in the game, you must make the choice to save Fergus or Wyatt. For those who did not play Wolfenstein: The New Order, this may make little sense. In the beginning of the previous installment in the Wolfenstein series, Blazkowicz was forced to choose which friend to save. Whoever he selected remained through the rest of the game. The decision also granted access to different side characters and perks, neither of which carry over to The New Colossus.

As the first choice in the game, it's hard to know which character to sacrifice. Of course, you can select whoever you liked most in the beginning minutes of The New Order. However, this decision also determines which special weapon you gain access to for the entire game.

EditSave Fergus

Save Fergus to gain a fiery outspoken and experienced companion. During the opening mission in the game, Fergus will lose his right arm. Cet helps attach a new, mechanical one that has a mind of its own. Fergus proves to be a competitive leader when Grace Walker comes aboard. Bringing Fergus along for the ride will grant no shortage of wit, sarcasm, and cynical humor.

EditSave Wyatt


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