Quantum Break's Xbox One X Patch Sees It Take Up 178GB

From IGN - November 3, 2017
By Jordan Sirani

With its Xbox One X patch and complementary TV show downloaded, Quantum Break's file size now sits at a whopping 178GB.

The Xbox One X patch, which is now available, comes in at over 94GB, as shown byReddit user Torbold (via Game Informer). As highlighted by anotherRedditor, when combined with the TV show's 75GB and base game's 8GB, Quantum Break becomes Xbox One's largest game in terms of file size.

It's important to note neither the TV show nor the One X patch are mandatory downloads. However, as explained in IGN's Xbox One X review in progress, massive file sizes such as Quantum Break's highlight the downside to games that take full advantage of the console's additional processing power.


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