Check Out This Life-Sized Gears 4 Gold Lancer

From IGN - November 3, 2017
By Seth G. Macy

The Gears of War series' most iconic weapon is getting life-sized, gold replica.

Not only does it have "authentic lights and sounds," it includes a Gold Lancer skin for Gears of War 4. Oh, and a detachable flashlight, too. It's the only way to get the DLC in-game.

The $169 gold lancer comes with a Gears 4 gear pack to unlock "skins, emblems, bounty challenges,and Horde abilities," as well as weapons.

The Gold Lancer is not just simple replica to toss on the shelf and gaze at longingly. The ammo cartridge is on a hinged release, so it can be removed, an articulated chainsaw handle "that slides back and forth" to activate chainsaw bayonet sound effects, and LED lights to add to its authentic look.


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