AC Origins: Earn Free Skill Points for Finding These Ancient Tombs

From IGN - November 5, 2017

This page contains information on the Ancient Tombs that can be explored in Assassin's Creed Origins.

Each tomb contains either an Ancient Tablet or an Ancient Mechanism. The reading an Ancient Tablet will earn Bayek an extra ability point, and the Ancient Mechanisms will offer insight into the world of the First Civilization.

EditAdorer of Thoth Tomb

Location: Giza

At the foot of the rocky hills in northwest Giza, find the entrance to this tomb nestled into a large cave mouth at the edge of the desert.

Use caution when entering this area, however - a crew of Lv 17-19 bandits have made camp in the upper levels of the tomb, with several patrols near the entrance and withing the chambers beyond.

Make your attack at night to catch half of the bandits sleeping - you should be able to take out the guards by the entrance individually if you are patient. Use long grass and high ledges to your advantage here. Inside, you will find a few different paths into the rear chamber - you can eliminate most of the bandits here while they sleep if you attack under cover of darkness.

Pass by the large statue - you can find a piece of Silica and a carbon crystal by diving into the pool behind it and following the tunnel - then turn the corner to the right at the end of the room and head up the ramp.

At the top of the hill you will find some scaffolding and two lifts. The one directly ahead of you is weighted down by the large spool of rope - pick it up and carry it up the stairs to your left. Place the spool on the lift you find here, which will act as a counterweight to the first platform. Pile at least three nearby rope spools onto this platform to keep the first one weighted down. Go back to the top of the stairs and leap to the platform, which should now be able to bear your weight.

Follow this path into the next room, then climb down the statue of Sobek to reach the floor below. Here you can find the ancient tablet and some other loot.

EditMountain of the Dead Tomb

Location: Siwa

Find this tomb in the rocky hills to the northeast of Siwa village. You will find a young boy named Fenuku outside the entrance, with a side quest marker for the mission Hideaway.

Head into the tomb and destroy the weakened wall covered in scarabs to your left, then pass through this new opening. You can move into the chamber ahead of you to speak to Chenzira, or just head up the ramp immediately on your right. At the top of the slope, turn left into the alcove and move into the next room.

Notice the tracks underneath the shelving - these indicate that the shelves can be moved. If you pull the one directly across from you (as you enter this room) out and aside, you can find several lootable items including a gear chest.

The one on the lefthand wall is blocked by several large pots - destroy them and move the shelf to the right to pass into the main chamber of the tomb.

Drop down into the chamber below and speak to Chenzira, then interact with the large Ancient Tablet to receive an ability point.

EditNomarchs Tomb

The Nomarch's Tomb is located near the southern border of the Black Desert, by where it meets both Faiyum and the White Desert Oasis. On the easter edge of the rocky hills there, you will see some low-topped ruins with red paint. There's some rigging set up over an opening nearby - drop down into the ruins to enter the tomb.

Head through the door at the south end of the chamber full of corpses and down the descending hall, then take a right through the chamber and continue downwards.

Youll find yourself in a large chamber with several smaller rooms off the to sides. Search around the chamber to collect any treasures and silica, then locate the lever mechanism in the center of the room and pull the crate along the track next to it to brace either end of the lever.

Run up the lever and jump to the stone beam ahead of you, then make your way to the platform above the righthand side of the room (from the door you entered from). Collect the treasure and silica from the open chamber up here, then move down the wall to find a weakened section surrounded by scarabs.

Smash through the wall to find the Ancient Tablet. Once youve collected everything in this chamber, smash through the weakened wall in the back-right corner. Youll find a forked path in the tunnel beyond - go to the right to reach the tombs exit.

EditAncient Mechanism: Seshemeff Er Aat

The lefthand tunnel, which leads west, will lead you to a large flooded chamber containing an Ancient Mechanism. Dive into the pool below you - there are no dangerous creatures within. Collect all of the silica sitting at the bottom of the pool, then interact with the large obelisk in the center of the underwater chamber to activate the mechanism for 5 silica.

EditSeth-Anat Tomb

This tomb is located in the Desheret Desert - it's the only thing in the region. It can be approached from either end, but the "true" way into the strange man-made chasm is from the west - simply ride into the mouth of the crevasse.

When approaching from the east during daylight hours, youll see a large mirror reflecting sunlight into the strange canyon. Follow the beam of light until it disappears - make your way into the recessed area where the beam ends. Youll see another large mirror mounted on a column - pull it outwards to catch the sun and continue the chain.

Repeat this process through the canyon until the beams of light finally lead you into the large chamber with an Ancient Tablet at the top of an incline.

EditAncient Mechanism: Qeneb Too KahAiye

After examining the tablet, collect any silica around the room and head into the chamber on your left. You can use fire to remove the cobwebs from the large mirror above the tablet, but this is unnecessary. Collect any treasure and silica in this next chamber, then activate the ancient mechanism at the far end for 5 silica.

EditThe Golden Tomb

This tomb can be reached by heading into a cave just south of the road leading east towards Saqqara / Giza, in the central part of the Isolated Desert. At the rear of the cave is a weakened wall - destroy it to enter the tomb.

Once inside, follow the beams of light bouncing from mirror to mirror. When theres an interruption in the chain, locate a moveable crate and pull it into position to continue the lights path.

Follow the light through the next chamber and down a flight of stairs until it stops on a mirror covered in cobwebs. Burn the webs off to continue the lights path, and follow it through the tunnel at the far end of the room.

In the next room you come to, move another crate to reposition a mirror, then follow the beam to the next blockage, a set of pots in the next room. Smash the pots to clear the way, then wait for the focused sunlight to ignite a patch of flooring that conceals a chamber below.

After dropping down, the light will be aimed directly at the Ancient Tablet in the next room. Once youve interacted with it, head through the cobweb-filled archway on the left side of the room and follow the tunnel until you come to a spot with a crack in the wall covered by a crate. You can move the crate to return to the surface, or follow the path through the cave to reach an Ancient Mechanism.

EditAncient Mechanism: Oun-mAa Niye Ressoot

When you reach the exit hole for the tomb, follow the tunnel around to the left and slide down a steep sand slope. Follow the path at the bottom down into the cavernous chamber, and collect the silica from around the room. Make your way down into the belly of the room to activate the mechanism for 5 silica.

EditTomb of Amenemhat III

The entrance to this tomb is at the base of the southwest corner of the pyramid that lies to the east of Krokodilopolis.

Head down the tunnel and use the rubble on your right in the first room you enter to climb up to the chamber above you.

In the middle of the next room, youll find a door with a sigil on either side. in the front section of the room, on either side of the door hall, there are thin wood covers - use a torch or fire arrows to burn them, then hop down and destroy the sigil on the weakened wall at the other end of the short tunnel - be careful not to get caught in the sand that pours from each one.

After both have been destroyed, the door will open. Follow the passage through the door until you reach a gate that you can climb into a large chamber. There is a pool with several crocodiles in the center of the room - if youre under the regions recommended level youll need to be extra cautious.

Crouch-walk along the wall to your right, climbing over the short gate at the next door you come to. This leads upstairs to a room overlooking the pool below - use the oil jars around this room to distract / scare off the crocodiles (temporarily), allowing you to dive down into the pool.

Quickly swim towards the bottom of the pool and enter the submerged passage you find there. Follow it, collecting any treasure or silica from the rooms on either side, until it ends in another cylindrical chamber with the Ancient Tablet in it. Interacting with the tablet will restore your oxygen supply.

To escape, swim up to the surface above the tablet and climb the large statue of Sobek and move the shelving behind it to exit the tomb.

EditTomb of Djoser

This tomb is located in the northeast corner of Saqqara Nome, in the large pyramid of steps. Approach the pyramid from the north and make your way down to the tunnel that's been dug out beneath the base of its northern face.

EditTomb of Khafre

EditTomb of Khufu

EditTomb of Menkaure

EditTomb of Smenkhkare

EditAncient Mechanism: Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat

EditTomb of Sneferu

EditTomb of the Cynic

EditTomb of the Nomads

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