4 Tips to Dominate Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: WWII

4 Tips to Dominate Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: WWII
From IGN - November 6, 2017
By Mark Medina

If you love terrifying zombies and edge of your seat challenges, youre going to especially enjoy Call of Duty: World War 2s Nazi Zombies mode. From custom loadouts to the most useful consumables, theres a lot to unpack. Here are the best tips to get you started in this years edition of Call of Duty Zombies.

Not counting the prologue, the only Zombies map out there right now is called the Final Reich. It features a series of dark city streets with various branching lanes and zones to explore. The key to the Final Reich is learning the loops. Just because youve gone into the sewers one way, doesnt make that the only exit. Its also important to learn where the various Power Ups are. When you go down, you lose one of your Power Ups if you bleed out to a certain point. Theres nothing worse than finding yourself in the heat of battle and realizing you no longer have a quick reload. So make sure you know the map well enough to get yourself powered up quickly.

You can hold your own as a vanilla soldier toward the beginning of the round, but eventually youyre going to have to power up. To do this, youll have to spend Jolts at Blitz machines. You can quickly earn Jolts early on by either headshotting zombies or using your heavy shovel attack to earn bonus Jolts.

We recommend always having a full armor buff which can block three blows that would have otherwise killed you, allowing you to stay alive much longer. When playing with a group--which is recommended--its nice to have a quick revive so you can always bring a teammate up quickly in a sticky situation. But like previous quick revives, you can only use it once, so you have to find your way back to the Power Up after reviving a teammate.

Another great one is quick reload for obvious reasons. You dont want to get caught in a firefight while waiting for your slow WW2 era gun to reload. And finally, the stamina and speed perk is imperative, especially in this map, where kiting zombies through long lanes and loops is required in higher level waves.

Before you start your game of Zombies, you have to choose your Loadout. There are initially four prebuilt options based on different playstyles, but once you hit level five you can fully customize your character.

When building your loadout, the standout option is getting to pick your special.Camouflage drops all zombie agro, allowing you to get out of very tight situations. Free Fire gives you unlimited ammo for a limited amount of time and doesnt make you reload your gun. Frontline essentially taunts zombies toward you while also granting you double damage for the duration of the special. And finally, theres Shellshock, which knocks zombies back with a burst of energy, slightly damaging them and stunning them for a short time.

After selecting your favorite special, you can pick three mods. Mods are separated into five categories. The first are universal mods which can be picked regardless of what special youve selected.


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