Fortnite Players Discover Absurd Rocket Surfing Trick

From IGN - November 6, 2017
By Austin Wood

More than 20 million people have tried multiplayer sandbox Fortnite since it entered early access earlier this year, developer Epic Games announced today.

However, despite that massive player base, the quirks of its popular Battle Royale mode are still being worked out. For example, players have recently started using rocket launchers as vehicles by way of "rocket surfing," according to Fortnite community manager K.L. Smith.

This clip from streamer Zaccubus says it all:

A sister technique to Quake's beloved rocket jumping, rocket surfing boils down to jumping on an allied rocket and hoping for the best, but Zaccubus shows it can actually be used effectively.

Notably, that 20 million player figure refers to how many people have played Fortnite in any way, not necessarily Deluxe Edition buyers or active players. Its fair to assume that a sizable chunk of those players came for the free Battle Royale mode, Epic's answer to PUBG's runaway popularity.


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