GTA Publisher Plans Microtransactions in All Future Games

From IGN - November 8, 2017
By Joe Skrebels

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has said that his company - which publishes the likes of Grand Theft Auto 5 and NBA 2K - will aim to offer "recurrent consumer spending opportunities" (read: microtransactions) in all of its games going forward.

In an investor call (as transcribed by Gamasutra) Zelnick explained that "we aim to have recurrent consumer spending opportunities for every title that we put out at this company. It may not always be an online model, it probably wo not always be a virtual currency model, but there will be some ability to engage in an ongoing basis with our titles after release across the board".

There's a good reason for that, Zelnick says that recurrent consumer spending accounts for 42% of Take-Two's earnings in the last quarter. He calls it "a sea change in our business" and "transformative".

"The business, once upon a time," he explains "was a big chunky opportunity to engage for tens of hours, or perhaps a hundred hours. Thathas turned into ongoing engagement. Day after day, week after week. You fall in love with these titles, and they become part of your daily life."

"One of the things we have learned is if we create a robust opportunity, and a robust world, in which people can play delightfully in abigger and bigger way, that they will keep coming back. They will engage. And there is an opportunity to monetize that engagement," he continued. "There's a lot of room for growth. This is just the beginning."


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