Ubisoft CEO: Next Console Gen at Least Two Years Away

From IGN - November 8, 2017
By Alex Osborn

The next generation of PlayStation and Xbox hardware is at least a couple years away, if the thinking of Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot proves to be true.

"As Sony launchedPlayStation 4 Prolast year and MicrosoftXbox One Xthis year, we think we still have a minimum of two years in front of us before something new is coming," Guillemot said during an investors' call (via GameSpot).

Guillemotemphasized that Ubisoft's projected arrival time of the next console generation is merely the publisher's "perception," noting they "do not have any confidential information on that front."

Guillemot also spoke positively aboutthe iterative way in which Sony and Microsoft have opted to upgrade PS4 and Xbox One. He said Ubisoft believes this evolutionary approach to improving technology "is going in the right direction rather than trying to do accessories or other things," and willultimately "help the industry a lot because the games will be really beautiful on those machines."

Microsoft launched Xbox One X earlier this week, and Sony released PlayStation 4 Pro around this time last year. Check out our comparison of the two consoles, and do not miss IGN's Xbox One X review forour thoughts on why the latest addition to the Xbox One hardware family is "an incredibly impressive console that delivers exactly what was promised."


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