PS4 Keeps Dominating Ubisoft's Sales; Xbox One Follows, but Nintendo Switch Debuts Strongly at 12%

PS4 Keeps Dominating Ubisoft's Sales; Xbox One Follows, but Nintendo Switch Debuts Strongly at 12%
From N4G - November 8, 2017
yeahright21h ago

You bring up this exact same point every time ubisoft releases this info. people keep explaining to you why yet you keep pushing that same theory.

Here are some of the replies you got last time:
from me: Not that I am an analysist, but I am sure there's quite a bit more to it than that. for instance, Ubisoft makes games primarily for a western audience, IE NA and EU, and the console sales race is much tighter in those territories, closer to 50/50 than 67/33. Looking at their info, those two territories accounted for 86%ish of their sales, with the rest of the world accounting for 14%, take that into account and 46% looks even better and 26% becomes the underwhelming figure. Now take a company like square enix that makes a title like final fantasy 15 which is meant for both western and eastern audiences and compare how those ps4 vs x1 sales stack up and you will see a huge difference in PS4's favor. Do the same thing with call of duty and while ps4's version might out sell X1, the X1 attach rate for that title will be higher. So yeah, there's a lot more to it than just "it was not 52% snarf snarf!"

from uptownsoul: Your math is accurate but your premise is wrong. Ubisoft & all other 3rd party publishers do not care about software sales per capita of each console's population. Publishers care about overall software sales on each console.

Furthermore, the math in your comment is only relevant if we assume all console owners like the same games. And we know that's not the case. So some games will have a closer margin & others will have a wider margin.

from thekhurg: More console sales do not mean the same ratio increase of software sales. The more people that buy a console just means there is a larger diversity of gamers on the platform.

Seems like you are more interested in downplaying playstation than actually getting an answer.


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