Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Season Finale Review

From IGN - November 9, 2017
By TJ Hafer

Its unfortunate that the capstone episode to Telltales overall great Guardians adaptation ended up being one of the most inconsistent. It feels like half of an epic finale in too big of a box, surrounded by those foam packing peanuts that youre just going to throw away. The emotional high notes in Episode 5: Dont Stop Believin ring loud and clear, but between them are valleys of underwhelming and sometimes confusing character writing.

Its very difficult to talk about this episode without giving any kind of spoilers, though Ill do my best to be cagey. My biggest criticism is how the inevitable getting the band back together was handled. At the end of Episode 4, the Guardians were on the skids, having all gone their separate ways due to seemingly irreconcilable differences. Episode 5 opens with two of the deserters walking immediately back into the room they had just left, deciding not to quit after all. They were gone for probably all of 30 seconds in the continuity of the series, making their departure feel largely meaningless.

The first act, which consists of tracking down the remaining two missing Guardians, is similarly underwhelming. Gamoras motivations still didnt seem to make any sense, and it only takes a brief conversation to switch off what felt like highly manufactured reasons for being mad at Peter. There is no apology or compromise involved in getting her back. Its a simple matter of, (to paraphrase) No, I never said or meant that. You are being a crazy person. Stop.


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