Wolfenstein 2: the biggest jump yet from PS4 Pro to Xbox One X?

From N4G - November 11, 2017
WeebLord2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Are not you a sensitive little butterfly.

I could see the game was running at a higher resolution from the brief clip at the start of the video compared to my play through on the Pro. Listen it's not like the last generation, in the last generation we were declaring winners over very minor difference in resolution and this one comparing 900p vs 1080p. The Xbox got ripped to shreds for 3-4 years over 720p vs 900p or 900p vs 1080p, this is just the way of things it's nothing to take personally.

I only have a White PS4 Pro, yet aspects of the One X I find interesting. The cooling solution, the potential for Variable Refresh Rates/Freesync in TV's, the One X supporting 1440P monitors natively and of course 4k Ninja Gaiden Black. N4G is a site for more than just you and so it caters to more than just you, a digital foundry analysis is certainly news worthy and had the PS4 Pro included so how would it make sense to not tag it with PS4?

"I goto PS4 section only, here and bombarded with thiss**t, you guys are like irritating mosquitos trying to ruin my enjoyment of my hobby." It's cute you think anyone cares about your enjoyment that they would produce video content and post it specifically just to ruin your enjoyment of a hobby. Why do not you cut the melodrama and step away from the window dear, I am pretty sure the PS4 is going to be just fine.


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