EA Dev On Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Crates Controversy: Were The Trendy Target At The Moment

EA Dev On Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Crates Controversy: Were The Trendy Target At The Moment
From N4G - November 12, 2017
-Foxtrot14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Is this guy serious? Is he trying to play the victim card in some way...WHAT DID YOU GUYS EXPECT?

They are awful, they said they made changes with their transparent PR bullshit then people are reporting it's still P2W. Like seriously they are that child in the playground who's awful to other people, bitches, spread lies, does things to see what happens because they are "curious" then they will go home to their parents , tear up and go "I just do not understand why no one likes me, life's so unfair".

"Buts**t like "EA sucks", "Your games are trash" or my favorite "EA is evil and ruining the industry" thats**t helps no one"

It helps people not buy your games to fill your pockets so this vicious circle comes to an end. We want good games and supporting you guys when you do awful jobs is not going to help anyone. We all know how Respawns Star Wars game is going to turn out and we know nothing about it.

""Not ppl giving constructive criticism that devs can actually utilize and improve the game upon"

So "we do not want MTs" - Gives us MTs..."we do not want loot boxes" - Gives us Loot boxes..."we want it more like the old Battlefront games where it was about skill" - Gives us another game which relies on luck, gimmicks and what powerfuls**t you have unlocked by chance. Things like that are being they do for most EA games.

Some of the people on that twitter convo defending Sean are sickening, they clearly licking EA's arses

"I think people have forgotten that video games are for fun and nothing is perfect and also businesses need make money...nothing is for free...I also understand people have opinions but damn no need to get so worked up"

"I find it humorous that these same people choose not to play literally THOUSANDS of other games but dont spend times**t talking those. They pick popular titles so they can look trendy and cool. Again - GROW UP" - By a guy who's sponsored by so many things.

"If they could only articulate and provide constructive feedback it could help tremendously to shape the game to what they want and help everyone including them and you all. It would be a win win"

Here's the original Tweet guys. Read BiggSean66 tweets, the developer, how immature.


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