Switch and Super NES Classic Topped Sales Last Month

From IGN - November 16, 2017
By Seth G. Macy

Nintendo had another successful month, taking both the number one and number two best-selling console spots.

Nintendo Switch came in at number one last month, according tonumbers providedto Nintendo by the NPD Group. The next best-selling console was the Super NES Classic.

Additionally, Super Mario Odyssey was October's top-selling game, according to Nintendo, in spite of only having been available for the final five days of the month. However, NPD reports Middle-earth: Shadow of War was the top-selling game for last month. We have reached out to Nintendo for clarification.

Here are the top-selling games in the US for October 2017:

Super Mario Odyssey's numbers did not include digital sales, something that may account for Nintendo's statement about it being October's number-one seller.

Destiny 2 is the best selling game of 2017, and the second-best selling game of the last 12 months.


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