TONS of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

From IGN - November 16, 2017

This page contains tips, hints, and strategies for success in Star Wars Battlefront II.

EditThe Basics

Here's a quick rundown of basic game mechanics and concepts.

EditLearn the Multiplayer Modes

Each multiplayer mode has a set objective you must complete in order to win the game. Running around and killing everything you see is cool and all but it wo not result in a victory if the other team focuses on the objective. Some modes have you protecting a carrier or destroying said carrier and some modes you must steal and extract secret plans. Keep an eye out on your objective and work together with your teammates to complete that objective.

EditShoot from the Hip

Players can choose between playing in First Person or Third Person while being an infantry unit. While this choice is all preference, firing from the hip in both POV's is extremely effective for close quarter situations. Star Wars Battlefront II's hip-firing is a bit more forgiving than other shooters so use this over aiming down sights when up close and personal.

EditClass Tips

Whether you are engaging in dog-fights in the air or reinforcing a position as a ground soldier, you must choose a specific class before entering the fight.

Choosing the right class for the right situation is extremely important in Battlefront II. Having a well-balanced team in terms of classes can allow each class to flourish at its respective role.

EditSurviving on the Ground

Star Wars Battlefront II lets you become and fight as many different infantry units. Here are some tips for each infantry class.


The Assault class has a unique ability where it marks enemies, sprints faster, and draws a powerful shotgun weapon with no cooldown.


The Heavy class has a unique ability where they can summon a portable turret to deal massive damage to opponents.


The Officer class can put down a stationary turret for cover-fire.


The Specialist is best at long-range, but can also use its abilities to sneak behind the enemy's front lines.

EditSurviving in Starfighter Assault

It's easy to get lost in Battlefront's hectic ship battles. Follow these tips to be more efficient and survive longer in Starfighter Assault.


The Fighter class is a perfect blend between speed and damage output.


The Interceptor class is extremely quick but not well-armored.


The Bomber is the slowest Starfighter in the game, but offers the most firepower.

EditEvading Missiles

All ships come with tracking missiles. There is a warning on your HUD when a missile begins to track you. Instead of trying to speed boost away to evade it, try making sharp turns and flying into a cluttered area to lose the missile. Staying out of wide-open areas in general is the best way to find cover quickly when under attack.

EditGunning Down Opponents

EditBattlepoints and Credits


EditPlayer Vs. AI

EditPlay the Objective


EditHeroes for Credits

EditLeveling Up & Star Cards

EditBase-Leveling Up

EditStar Cards

EditCard-Leveling Up

Every different class, trooper and vehicle, in Battlefront II has a Card Level.

EditHow to Upgrade & Customize Weapons


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