Destiny 2: All the News from the Curse of Osiris Stream

From IGN - November 21, 2017

This section contains all the information revealed by Bungie in their second of three streams showcasing the Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for Destiny 2.

This live steam was dubbed New Ways to Play and covered new public events, endgame activities and new adventures.

The third and final stream will take place November 28, 2017 and will cover weapons and gear. Stay tuned to IGN for the latest on Destiny 2!

New Public Event

Mercury will have a brand new public event, which was shown on stream. The new public event is dubbed Vex crossroads. As you play through the event, the area you are in will transform. In it you will fight off the Vex as well as special gatekeepers. When you kill them, you will receive a key, which you need to dunk to disable warp gates. There are four in total.

Once you have killed both gatekeepers and received and dunked all four keys, you will jump to another island, where you will do battle with one more gatekeeper. You will have to repeat this on a second island as well.

Once both islands are cleared, and an as yet unrevealed requirement is met to activate the heroic quest, a Vex Gate Lord will spawn. The Gate Lord will have an impenetrable shield. To drop its shield, you will need to get another Vex key. Once the Gate Lord is defeated, two chests will drop, making this public event the most rewarding currently in the game.

New Reward System

Coming alongside Curse of Osiris is a new endgame reward system, as Bungie calls it. There are two different endgame activities detailed by Bungie in the stream.

Lost Prophecies

Brother Vance is in the lighthouse as that area's vendor, and he makes available Lost Prophecies. There are 11 verses of the Lost Prophecies in total. These verses activate adventures which in turn grant you rewards, the rewards are tied to the weapon wall in the lighthouse. Look below for more on adventures.

Bungie showed Verse 3, which was an item fetch quest. Verse 3 required the player to play both crucible and public events. Once you use obtain the items required, you need to use them to create a tablet, then return it to Brother Vance to forge a transmuted tablet.

The Forge and Weapon Wall




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