Drama Strikes the Overwatch House in Our New Series

From IGN - November 25, 2017
By Alex Osborn

Welcome back toBrick Battles, our new stop-motion animated series that brings your favorite video game worlds to life. Each episode is made in conjunction with the talented folks atDigital Wizard Studios, and for this first season we are focusing on Blizzard's popular hero shooter, Overwatch.

InEpisode 2,Widowmaker's dark powers of seduction sendD.Va and Winston on an emotional roller coaster.Watch "Heroes Never Cry" in the video player to see the hilarious, action-packed drama unfold.

Also, the third episode premiered on Facebook this week. Be sure tofollow Brick Battles on Facebookif you want to catch each episode before it airs in the weeks following on IGN, our apps, and places like YouTube.Check outEpisode 3below to see theOverwatchheroes compete in a talent show, for a lifetime supply of loot boxes.


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