Nintendo Switch should pass Wii U Sales by Christmas

Nintendo Switch should pass Wii U Sales by Christmas
From N4G - December 1, 2017
_-EDMIX-_2h ago

The Wii U I believe was a difficult system simply because Nintendo had the 3DS.

I truly believe if Nintendo never made the 3DS in simply had the Wii U it's sales would be enormous because all Nintendo Gamers would know there would be only one place to obtain all of their content. The wii u was the first Nintendo Home console I decided not to purchase simply because owning a 3DS I was already receiving some of their best properties anyway.

I just think they were caught between a rock and a hard place and I always believed that the Wii U's failure was going to cause this company to reevaluate what they were doing by having two separate systems in simply release a portable device that could out to the television.

I think the Wii U needed to fail for them to realize they could not keep fragmenting an install base.

I believe everything that was released on the 3DS should have automatically by default been released on the Wii U... You already had two screens and I felt it was pretty greedy of the company to keep trying to sell software this way especially disregarding you already have two screens with the Wii U (the game pad and the television)

Mind you at least with Nintendo's published games. I believe they would have been in a bigger need to do something like this already getting less third-party support than their competitors so I believed that they did not need to have as many games only on the 3DS as they did I felt what you saw with Smash Brothers was exactly the way they probably should have been releasing all of their main big titles.

Clearly I would not want anything of great significance being created on the Wii U to be held back by the 3DS but anything being made on the 3DS would have no problem working on the Wii U.

The only reason I never picked up the Wii U was because all of my favorite games were already coming to the 3DS anyway. So I am very very very very very happy with their decision to go portable only because I believe this was what they should have done a long time ago, but I do not fault them for making the decision now because how were they really to know so few people would I purchase the Wii U?

I think Nintendo if they keep their focus 100% on the switch will do very well in the foreseeable future. They just do not have enough 3rd Party Support to seriously be trying to fragment such a delicate install base.


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