Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update Speeds Up Progression

From IGN - December 4, 2017
By Alex Gilyadov

The latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 update speeds up progression in a big way.

According to DICE, the update, which is now live, increases the amount of credits players earn after matches. This new end-of-round payout change especially benefits the top players on each team, as they will earn even more credits.

DICE has also increased the credit cap in Arcade Mode from 500 credits per day to 1500 credits, and is promising to add more content to the mode in the near future.

Lastly, the amount of crafting parts you can earn from daily login crates has increased, with DICE saying players will notice the change right away when logging in. Since crafting parts are used to make or upgrade Star Cards, this will allow players to progress and increase their characters' weapons, gear, and abilities a lot faster.

The developer said more updates will be made to Battlefront 2's economy and progression system in the next several weeks and months.


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