The Division: New Free Update Is Enormous

From IGN - December 5, 2017
By Matt Davidson

The Division, Ubisoft's online-only action RPG set in the aftermath of a smallpox pandemic, has just received the free Update 1.8, and it is huge.

As detailed on the official website. it compriseswhole new gameplay areas, new modes of play and significant changes for the game's Underground sections.

The biggest addition is the West Side Pier. A completely new area stretched over two sections (Piers North and Piers South), containing a new safe house - Camp Clinton - this will act as a new social hub "similar to the Terminal". This area also features a new dynamic spawning system for enemies, as well as new daily and special assignments. In this area, the enemy factions are "teaming up" to take on the Division.

Within the Pier areas, two new game modes will be available: Resistance and Skirmish. Resistance is a survival-style PvE mode which features "continuous waves" of spawning enemies, tasking players to survive for as long as they can. Skirmish is a PvP mode which sees two teams of four players competing for the highest kill count within a timed session. PvP progress is shared between the existing Last Stand mode and Skirmish, and the level cap has been raised from 40 to 99.

Update 1.8 also sees the introduction of Rogue 2.0, an updated version of the game's 'Rogue' system. Players need to toggle their Rogue status before being able to do damage to friendly agents, and any member of their team can choose to either go Rogue also or leave the group. Agents who achieve 'Manhunt' status will have objectives to interact with, which will reward them with Manhunt caches; non-Rogue agents will see the general area of the Manhunt objective and receive rewards for stopping the Manhunt agents.

The Underground expansion has also undergone some changes, adding new Directives, Hunter enemies (who can drop exotic loot), and weekly assignments that offer even more loot. In fact, rewards overall have been increased in the Underground.


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