Everything You Need to Know About the Monster Hunter World Beta

From IGN - December 5, 2017

This page covers everything you need to know about the Monster Hunter World Beta.

Most importantly, the Monster Hunter World beta isopen to all PS Plus Members on the PlayStation 4.

It's unknown if and when PC and Xbox One users will get a Monster Hunter World Beta.

Monster Hunter World Beta Quests

There are three different quests to choose from, each of which can be played either single player with the company of a palico (felyne),or multiplayer in a party of two to four. Regardless if you are playing with others though, you must be online.

When playing online, you can choose to filter language so you will only be matched with people with the same language as you.

Here is a list of the quests in order of difficulty.

At the Ancient Forest, we expect to also encounter:

See a hunt of the Great Jagras in this video:

At the Wildspire Waste, we expect to also encounter:

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EditBeta Bonuses

If you clear any of the three quests, you will get a unique Face Paint to use in the full game.

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