All the News, Trailers, and Winners from The Game Awards

From IGN - December 7, 2017
By Alex Osborn

In addition to celebrating the best games of the year, The Game Awards 2017 featured a number of exciting reveals. If you missed the show or are just looking for an overview of the event, we have got you covered with a full rundown of all the news, trailers, and award winners from this year's show.

Here's a look at all the world premieres, release date announcements, and more.

New footage of Kojima Productions' upcoming game Death Stranding was shown at The Game Awards. Watch the new trailer, featuring The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, above.

From Softwarereleased a teaser for its next project. The video, titled "Shadows Die Twice," offers a small glimpse at what looks like it could very well be a sequel toBloodborne.

Nintendo unveiled a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's new story DLC The Champions' Ballad. In addition to showcasing new footage of the content, including Link on a motorcycle,Nintendo announced the DLC is available tonight.

During the awards show, Nintendo also announced both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are coming to Switch in February, and that Bayonetta 3 is in development. The third installment in PlatinumGames' action franchise will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Bandai Namco announced Soul Calibur VI. Check out the debut trailer for the next entry in thepopular fighting game franchiseabove.

Firewatch developer Campo Santo revealed its next game, a first-person adventure game called In the Valley of the Gods. The title, set in Egypt during the late 1920s,will be released in 2019 on PC.Head over hereto see a bunch of screenshots and additional details about In the Valley of the Gods.

Fade to Silence, a "character-driven, group survival game" from Black Forest Games was showcased during the event. Details about the title surfaced earlier today on Steam.Fade to Silence is set in awintry post-apocalyptic world where humans fight to survive against the harsh elements and supernatural monsters.The game will launch on Steam Early Access on December 14.

PlayerUnkonwn's Battlegrounds will leave Early Access and launch 1.0 on December 20. Additionally, it was announced thatPUBG's new desert map is now available on test servers, and will make its way to Xbox One in early 2018.

A live-action trailer for the game was also revealed at the show. Watch it below.

The Game Awards also brought with it the news that Sea of Thieveswill be released on March 20, 2018for Xbox One and PC.


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