GTA 5's Biggest Mystery Finally Solved

From IGN - December 24, 2017

GTA 5 is absolutely crammed with Easter Eggs, including Aliens in GTA 5, unexpected Cameos, and other intentionally well-hidden, cool stuff. Due to the sheer volume of Easter Eggs and references in GTA 5, this section is divided into multiple subsections.

Below you will find Easter Eggs in the classic sense: Hidden, goofy things the developers added just to be discovered GTA 5.

EditThe Mystery of Mt. Chiliad

Since the initial launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2015, players have sought the truth behind the secrets that lie beneath the rocky face of Mount Chilliad.

EditUpdate: Solved!

While UFOs definitely do exist, and the FIB certainly does not want you to know about the existence of extraterrestrials, it turns out that Mt. Chilliad itself is not necessarily the secret to interstellar travel we once thought.

As shown in The Doomsday Heist update, Mt. Chilliad is in fact home to an abandoned military bunker and missile silo. Of course, it ends up being used to potentially wipe out all life as we know it, but at least we finally got those jetpacks we have been after.

The bunker is entered via a hidden cargo door leading into a tunnel network beneath the mountain, and contains a massive government facility as well as the missile silo and warhead storage.

EditThe Beginning of the Search

A cryptic painting on the wall of the Cable Carstation atop Mt. Chiliad was one of the earliest sources of intrigue for GTA conspiracy-hunters.The main map is remarkably similar to the shaft and chamber layout of a pyramid, suggesting the possible existence of a subterranean dungeon. Also scattered around the image are a number of smaller markers. While the meaning of many of the symbols within have been encrypted, the large icons of cracking egg, a spaceship, and a humanoid form remain an intriguing puzzlement.

The symbol matches the UFO depicted in the Cable Car station painting. On the back of the platform it reads "Come back when your story is complete."

The carefully hidden painting beneath the platform atop Chiliads highest point is the sighting point for a well-documented postgame Flying Saucer appearance, which takes place late at night during thunderstorms.

EditOther Theories and Connections

Dedicated players have used exploits to spawn Vehicles under the map. Using their new-found mobility, they have discovered hidden FIB textures beneath the Mt. Chiliad platform and strange objects beneath Ft. Zancudo. [1]

Some players speculate that the Mt. Chiliad Map should be laid over the GTA 5 pack-in paper map to reveal a number of significant locations. Current efforts center around centering the map above the northward edge of the island, though this produces no discernible explanation for the three main Glyphs.

An alternate theory (image below) involves lining up the eye at the top of the mountain (red dot) with the glyphs on the the side of the mountain (green dots) leaving one half faded glyph (green circle).

Image Provided by GTA Forums

Glyphs line up as per the image below:

While intriguing, these theories fail to address the purpose of the connecting lines between Glyphs, as well as the three large symbols. Source code for the 1.12 update reportedly includes Jet Pack references.

EditParanormal Easter Eggs

Strange goings on are afoot in San Andreas. From mysterious bones to the dead risen from the grave, the paranormal is very real in the world of GTA 5.

EditWhale Skeleton/"Sea Monster"

Want to see the skeleton of a gigantic Sea Monster (aka Whale Skeleton) in Grand Theft Auto 5? We show you where you can find it.

The bones can be found off the west coast of San Andreas, south of Chumash.

EditGhost of Mt Gordo



EditReferential Easter Eggs

EditOther Easter Eggs

EditThe Playboy Mansion

EditThe Face of Mount Chiliad

EditInfinite 8 Mystery


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