The Murder and End of Titanfall 2

The Murder and End of Titanfall 2
From N4G - January 3, 2018
showtimefolks1h ago

while a lot of people blame the failure of TF2 on EA(and yes they do deserve a lot of blame) the bigger reason why TF2 failed was due to having not as much hype. By making the 1st game exclusive many still thought Tf2 was an xbox exclusive and i am not talking about us the core gamers i am talking about causals

i look at TF2 and i compare it to watch dogs 2. Both games had the same fate the moment they launched. First time around it was all hype xbox fanboys were touting about TF1 like it was their next Halo and the overall hype a game gets when it's exclusive to one brand is just more because for whatever reason gamers get more excited if something is exclusive

I just bought TF2 for $9

launching in between BF1 and COD was not great either but that is not the only reason TF2 failed. If you look at the overall launch window/hype for TF1 and compare it to TF2 it was no where near as hyped as the original. Another thing gamers did not like wads the Beta for game left gamers with more concerns/questions than answers

in the case of TF2 and WD2 first impression is the last impression. It was wrong for EA to launch the game when they did but it was also wrong for respawn to allow the first game to be exclusive. the reason i blame respawn is because they were under no obligation to listen o EA because they owned the IP and could decide whatever they thought was the best option

look at rise of tomb raider making games exclusive to xbox one and passing on ps4 is bad for business this gen. ROTTR sold a lot less than the original reboot which by the way sqauer enix said did not sell well enough and the studio head behind ROTTR was let go and he joined MS

publishers need to learn from failure of these 3 games and make sure launch is handled well


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