Monster Hunter World: What are Elder Dragons?

Monster Hunter World: What are Elder Dragons?
From IGN - January 6, 2018
By Casey DeFreitas

The newest Monster Hunter World trailer showcases two returning monsters new to the upcoming game, but they are in a league of their own. The Teostraand Kushala Daora are Elder Dragons, an ultra-powerful sub-category of monsters that have existed since ancient times and are sometimes revered as gods.

Two Elder Dragons have been introduced to us previously, the giant Zorah Magdaros and diabolic Nergigante, the latter of which we will have an opportunity to fight during Monster Hunter World's final open beta.

An unnamed monster from the new Elder Dragons trailer, originally teased at the end of the Rotten Vale trailer, also appears to be an Elder Dragon, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Many Elder Dragons are recognizable by their traditional draconic makeup: a pair of wings, plus arms and legs, the same composition of the new unnamed monster. However, some take on unique shapes--like the first Monster Hunter's Kirin--or are simply colossal, like the Zorah Magdaros.

Click through this slideshow to see details on the four Elder Dragons confirmed to appear in Monster Hunter World, plus a few others, like Teostra'sfemale counterpart, to get a feel for how creative these creature's designs and battles can get.

So, if they do not share much in shape or physiology, what exactly makes these Elder Dragons related? For one, they are all powerful enough to alter or destroy entire ecosystems and landscapes solo, are rumored to live to ancient ages if allowed, and many are masters of an element or weather.

They make for incredibly formidable foes, nearly impossible to defeat in just one encounter. Usually, Elder Dragons are driven away multiple times across different quests before they are defeated for good. Each time an Elder Dragonis drivenaway, they retain the damage received, and so ultimate victory becomes more within reach with each round.


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