Our Favourite Aussie Esports Moments From The Week

From IGN - January 8, 2018
By Joab Gilroy

Aussie players performing overseas brings us back kicking and screaming into the Esports highlights for the year, as the Chiefs kick a medium amount of butt at the ESEA MDL Globals and the Hi-Rez Expo in Atlanta continues to be a challenge for Oceanic teams who make the trip.

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CSGO - ESEA S26 MDL Global Challenge

The Chiefs headed to the big apple to compete in their first big tournament of the year as the ESEA S26 MDL Global Challenge pit them against teams from around the world. The competition was stiff, especially in their groupthey faced off against two of the teams who would eventually place first and second, as well as Canadian team Rise Nation. Falling to AGO first and then Space Station saw them drop out before reaching the finals, but there was little doubt about the team's resolvethey kicked some ass. Watch Alistair face off against Rise Nation's AWPer in the clip below.

And again with the Alistair clips, but the Chiefs' AWP specialist snagged a rare double kill against Space Station (as well as getting the team kickstarted on a comeback run) in the clip below.

SMITE - Hi-Rez Expo

Scylla Esports was representing Australia at the SMITE World Championships, held at the Hi-Rez Expo this year (as it is every year). There was some pretty heavy duty shake-ups in the OCE region this year, but Scylla seemed to have it together as they headed into Worldsstill, they were knocked out before the Quarters. Their first match against Luminosity went against them, but there was a fire in the betentacled Aussies heading into their knockout match against Nocturns. Team Rival and Eunited would face-off in the Grand Finals, with Eunited taking home 1st place. Watch Scylla snag a first blood almost before the casters were ready for itthough they were not able to convert this early pressure into a win.


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