Every Overwatch League game will be streamed on Twitch for the next two years

Every Overwatch League game will be streamed on Twitch for the next two years
From TechCrunch - January 9, 2018

The first match of the inaugural season of Overwatch is set for 4:00 pm PST to catch the kids on the West Coast as they get out of school, kids on the East Coast as they finish dinner and kids in Asia as they get up in the morning.

The two-year deal, which will include every. single. game. of the leagues first two seasons, includes every geography but China (no word about who the streaming partner will be there).

Twitch will be the third-party provider for everything from the regular season, through the playoffs and championship games and will broadcast in English, Korean and French.

The two partners are also working on finding ways to part fans from their money with different features and rewards that will give perks to fans, like in-game items and exclusives, the company said. Fans also can spend money forCheering, a Twitch virtual currency, with exclusive Overwatch League Cheermotes.

Our fans love to engage with content on Twitch, and we wanted to drive significant viewership of the Overwatch League in its inaugural season and beyond, said Armin Zerza, chief operating officer of Blizzard Entertainment, in a statement.

The Overwatch League is a big bet for Blizzard/Activision, which has gone all-in to promote and support the league for its newest and fastest growing title (that fastest growing medal may be a function of the games novelty, or a function of the incredible spread of gaming since the launch of Overwatch in 2014 and the companys last completely new game launchin the 1990s).

The first season of the league will run from January to June, with playoffs and finals slated for July. Here is a list of the teams (and their owners) who have paid a reported $20 million dollars for rights to participate in the new league:

Pacific Division


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